Defensive Measures


Basic Pistol.

Are you a novice, have not made a purchase decision yet, or perhaps have never or only fired a handgun a few times?  This is the place to start.  Using a three gun progresion this course enforces safe handling, firing, and care for modern pistols and revolvers.  All weapons, ammo, and supplies are included in the 8 hour and 250 round course.

Concealed Carry.

Don't be fooled by a lesser course.  It is a huge jump from safely handling a weapon out of your closet or glovebox to putting one in your pants or on your hip.  If you have your basic safety down pat, this course is designed to teach the draw from open and concealed carry.  Provide your own, or select weapons and holsters are available for the 4 hour course.



What's available? 

The insctuctor cadre has skill sets that include instructor ratings from Pepper Spray to fully automatic weapons and all defensive measures between.


If you are looking for something custom, for your self, family, home, or business, then look no further.  This is the right place to start.




Situational Awareness:

Do you have a civic or social group that hosts guest speakers?  Perhaps an overview of personal safety options  would be a benificial topic. Its free.



Basic Carbine.

Have you made an investment or are considering making an investment in a AR15 style weapon?  History, accessorizing, cleaning, zeroing, medium and close range operation are all covered during this 8 hour and 200 round course.  Provide your own, or select weapons are available if needed.