Defensive Measures



Your security is your business.  We do not share client lists, personal information, or any other demographic information with anyone - no vendors, no "friends", nobody....period.


We recognize the trust you are placing in us and value it greatly.  We teach what we believe has kept us alive with the hope you will never need it, but with the intensity that you will. 



Founded in 1998

Defensive measures are those steps, both proactive and reactive, that you take to provide for your physical and environmental safety.

The only person who will always be there for you when things get dangerous is you.  Accept that reality and prepare now.  Pulling the covers over your head when something goes bump in the night is not our way.  We bump back.


How does a business keep going for this long without sharing client lists, without advertising, and without listing on any search engines?


Referrals:  While we don't share our client lists, our clients spread the word about their experiences with us.


Word of mouth is the only way we reach new clients.  Firearms clients (civilians) must be referred by a former student to be considered.



Different people have different needs and different objectives.  The time, location, duration, and content of all of our courses is adaptable to suit you.